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Join our community of 100+ satisfied clients, where lasting relationships drive success. Along our journey, we've gathered inspiring stories to showcase the impact we've had on businesses like yours.

Benefits for Startups

Access to Top 3% of Talent:

Tap into our pool of highly skilled tech professionals, including developers, designers, and project managers, to strengthen your startup's team.


Benefit from our flexible staffing solutions, paying only for the talent and expertise you need, without the overhead costs of traditional hiring.


Easily scale your tech team up or down to meet the evolving demands of your startup's projects.

Rapid Deployment

Our quick onboarding process ensures that you can augment your team faster, keeping your company's momentum intact.


Use the industry-specific knowledge and experience of our professionals to tackle startup challenges head-on.

Our Numbers Speak Volumes

Over 10 Years of Excellence: 

With a track record spanning over a decade, ITSoft has been a reliable partner to startups like yours, providing talent solutions that drive success.

Global Presence:

We operate from four strategic offices worldwide, ensuring that we can cater to your startup's needs, no matter where you're located.

Part of Commit Powerhouse:

 As a part of Commit Powerhouse, ITSoft is backed by a network of tech talent & services, further enhancing our capabilities and expertise.

60+ Satisfied Clients:

Our commitment to client satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for startups, with a roster of over 100 satisfied clients.

200 Dedicated Developers:

Our team comprises 200 dedicated developers and tech experts ready to support your startup's growth.

Proudly Serving 5 Unicorn Clients:

We are privileged to serve 5 unicorn startups, contributing to their success stories.

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Full Stack
Automation QA

Cloudyn (Microsoft)

  • Overview: Cloudyn provides cloud business management solutions to multi-cloud enterprise helping them grow their cloud with confidence.

  • Challenge: Our client struggled to find the right expertise to accelerate their growth in the cloud space.

  • Solution: Using our expertise, we conducted technical interviews to identify the ideal candidates for their projects. We prioritized both hard and soft skills to ensure the perfect fit. 

  • Results: With 33% of their engineering team offshore, the company experienced business growth, leading to its acquisition by Microsoft. Our unique hiring process not only saved them valuable time and resources but also facilitated a quicker integration of the engineering team into the project. This perfect match in talent and culture paved the way for smoother processes and enhanced collaboration, driving the company's success in the cloud market.


  • Overview: Bridgewise is a technological research company that uses proprietary AI to generate analysis of more than 90% of global stock markets, in any language.

  • Challenge: Bridgewise needed IT talents that could help their in-house team to speed up their product development processes.

  • Solution: Based on conducted in-depth analysis of specific requirements, we initiated tech hiring process for them.

  • Results: In a short period, we assembled the perfect team for Bridgewise, where each member was culturally fit to their working environment and possessed all the required expertise to ensure success in their projects. Thanks to the flawless hiring process and ideal matches with the internal team, Bridgewise has become one of our lasting partnerships (4-5 years). We assist them in finding IT experts who integrate with their team, saving them time on lengthy hiring processes.

Success Stories with Commit Offshore

At Commit Offshore, we take pride in helping companies like yours achieve their goals and become unicorns in their own right. Here are some real success stories to inspire you:


  • Overview: Sodexo is a French multinational corporation that provides a range of services, including food services, facilities management, and employee benefits.

  • Challenge: Sodexo needed talents to handle front-end development and integrate it with the back-end.

  • Solution: Within a couple of days, we assembled a team of three front-end developers to collaborate with their back-end team in Israel on their project requirements.

  • Results: We seamlessly integrated the back-end developers in Israel with remote front-end specialists in Ukraine. The remote team worked on the front-end aspect of the project and collaborated effectively with the Israeli team to integrate the front-end with the back-end.

Lyudmila Tsirelman

Sales Manager

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