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Hire an IT Talent

Hire an IT professional that's dedicated, skilled, and ready to tackle your projects head-on, providing the expertise you need to succeed.

Innovate with Commit’s Flexible R&D

Elevate with Commit’s Cloud & Managed Services

Hire an IT Talent

Hire an IT professional that's dedicated, skilled, and ready to tackle your projects head-on, providing the expertise you need to succeed.

Innovate with Commit’s Flexible R&D

Drive your vision with Commit's Flexible R&D—on time, within budget, and ahead of the competition. You grow your business, we innovate

Elevate with Commit’s Cloud & Managed Services

Commit offers a complete range of managed cloud services, simplifying operations to free you up for innovation and business growth, while also reducing costs and optimizing resources.

Hire an IT Talent

Tap into a vast pool of top-tier specialists ready to integrate into your projects. Whether you need part-time expertise or full-time dedication, our flexible engagement models are designed to meet diverse tech needs while ensuring compliance and retention without additional fees.

What we offer:


  • Extensive talent pool: Access thousands of active remote IT specialists with a wide range of technological expertise.

  • Comprehensive service coverage: We handle payroll, accounting, legal compliance, HR, and retention, all included at no extra cost.

  • Flexible engagement: Choose from part-time or full-time involvement, with options for hourly rates or fixed monthly payments.

  • Personalized collaboration: Developers work according to your company’s project management styles and guidelines

How It Works

Discover our unique staff augmentation strategy designed to meet all your talent needs.

Need to Boost Your Project?

Do not hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation. Let's discuss your project future together.

Innovate With Commit’s Flexible R&D

With Commit's Flexible R&D service, we make sure that your company moves forward by delivering on budget, on time, and helping you to stay ahead of the competition. Our approach adds significant value to your business by intelligently using resources, maximizing cost-efficiency, and achieving time-to-market.

What we offer:


  • Analyze: Our product designers and project managers engage deeply to align features and platforms with your vision, challenge assumptions, and lay out a roadmap for success.

  • Design: Guided innovation with the flexibility to adapt project size, scope, and focus as your needs evolve. Our process allows you to control budget and timeline, mitigating R&D risks to support market penetration.

  • Deliver: Our team of over 400 multi-vertical experts uses innovative ideas and technologies to advance your project. Flexible scaling and budget transparency ensure smooth transitions and continuous progress

Elevate With Commit’s Cloud & Managed Services

At Commit, we tailor a cloud solution that aligns perfectly with your business needs. Whether you're looking to optimize, innovate, or scale, our cloud services are designed to enhance the reliability and security of your digital infrastructure.

What we offer:


  • 3-step methodology: Start with an in-depth assessment, design a tailored architecture, and ensure seamless deployment with ongoing support.

  • Save 7% with Commit’s Cloud Partners: Choose Commit’s cloud services and enjoy a 7% discount on services from our partners, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

  • Cloud journey services: Modernize applications, manage efficient migrations, and build scalable architectures using well-architected frameworks.

  • Cloud operations: Receive comprehensive management and operational support to ensure high availability, performance, and compliance.

  • Cloud backup: Secure and accessible data solutions tailored to your organizational needs, ensuring compliance and reliability

Why Choose Our IT | Tech Staff Augmentation Services?

You will benefit from our 15 years of experience and carefully vetted network, giving you access to the top 3% of IT talent to advance your projects with expertise.

Fast Resource Delivery Time 

Within 2 to 4 weeks, gain access to top-tier IT and tech professionals, each with a diverse range of expertise, ready to elevate your projects.

& Effortless Communication

With Commit's Offshore, you will experience transparent and open communication throughout the entire process, ensuring you are well-informed and connected every step of the way.

Flexibility to 
meet your needs

We prioritize adaptability to your changing needs. You can scale your team size or modify the collaboration period whenever necessary, so that our partnership always aligns with your current requirements.

Legal Guarantees

Every step of our staff augmentation process is backed by strong legal assurances, ensuring your collaboration is smooth, secure, and precisely aligned with your specifications.

01 Step

Requirements Review

Your journey with us begins with a detailed Requirements Review. We ensure a deep understanding of your project requirements to perfectly align our talent solutions with your strategic goals.

02 Step

Research and Screening:

Next, we immerse ourselves in research and candidate screening, focusing solely on finding professionals whose skills and expertise align with your project requirements. 

03 Step

Interview Process

During this phase, we will connect you with selected candidates. You will engage with potential team members, ensuring you select individuals who meet your technical requirements and integrate with your team's culture.

04 Step

Hiring and Retention

Your ideal candidates will be integrated into your team based on the established terms and duration. Besides, we'll collaborate with you on retention strategies to ensure these professionals remain engaged and committed, helping to drive your long-term success.

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Your Dream Team, 
Built Your Way

Hire top talents aligned with your technical needs

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