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Which industry are you in? We cover all

Discover how our IT/Tech staff augmentation services benefit various industries, tailored to meet your unique sector-specific requirements.

Industries We Serve

At Commit Offshore, we offer specialized IT/Tech staff augmentation services tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries. With our expert talent pool and industry-specific knowledge, we help businesses across various industries to achieve their goals.

Tech Startups

Overview: As a tech startup, you know how agility, expertise, and rapid scaling are critical to success. We will  provide the talent or team essential to achieving your goals.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • Rapid team scaling

  • Expert matching

  • Streamlined hiring process (2-4 weeks)

  • Agile development support

  • Cost-effective resources


Overview:  Our top talents specialize in delivering cutting-edge betting solutions that drive engagement and maximize revenue.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • Betting software development

  • Odds calculation expertise

  • Risk management solutions

  • Live event integration

  • Data analysis and insights

  • Payment gateway integration


Overview: The gaming industry thrives on user experience and technology. We assist gaming companies in providing top tech talent with expertise in the gaming industry.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • Dedicated experts in Gaming

  • User experience design

  • AI integration

  • AR/VR specialists

  • Multiplayer functionality experts

  • Cross-platform compatibility developers

  • Monetization strategies

Tourism & Hospitality

Overview: Get a team that delivers innovative solutions to enhance guest satisfaction and drive your business growth.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • Guest experience design

  • Hotel management software

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Online booking platforms

  • Innovative technology integration


Overview: E-commerce businesses require efficient systems and user-friendly interfaces. We optimize online shopping experiences for maximum conversions.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • E-commerce platform development

  • Payment gateways integration

  • Inventory management

  • Online store optimization

  • Mobile Commerce


Overview: The healthcare sector needs secure and compliant tech solutions. We assist in building healthcare software that improves patient care.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • Electronic health records (EHR)

  • Patient Engagement Platforms

  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) integration

  • Telemedicine apps

  • Healthcare AI and Machine Learning

  • Medical data security and compliance

  • Healthcare IoT Solutions

Cybersecurity & Networking

Overview: We understand the importance of fortifying your digital defenses and ensuring the integrity of your network infrastructure.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • Expertise in network security

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

  • Threat monitoring

  • Penetration Testing

  • Cloud Security Architecture

  • Endpoint Security

Internet of Things (iOT)

Overview:Our top talents specialize in creating smart solutions that use the power of interconnected devices to enhance efficiency and productivity

How Our Talents Help: 

  • IoT application development

  • Firmware development

  • Embedded software development

  • IoT device management

  • Integration with Cloud services

  • Predictive maintenance solutions

Deep Industry Understanding

Get a talent or a team that is  well-versed in the specific challenges and opportunities within your industry.

Proven Track Record

Partner with a company that has a history of delivering successful projects in your sector.

Customized Solutions

Benefit from staff augmentation solutions tailored to meet your unique industry needs.

Easy 1-2-3 Hiring Flow

Save time and resources with our streamlined 1-2-3 hiring flow. The latter ensures that the process of finding, selecting, and onboarding tech talent is not only simple but also efficient.

Cut Costs by Up to 50%

With staff augmentation, experience major cost advantages compared to traditional hiring, providing more financial flexibility for innovation and growth.

Flexible Scalability

Easily scale your operations to meet fluctuating industry needs.

How You Can Cover Industry Needs with Us

At Commit Offshore, you'll find specialized IT/Tech staff augmentation services designed to meet the unique demands of your industry. Benefit from tailored solutions that ensure your projects succeed with efficiency and innovation.

Success Stories with Commit Offshore

Discover how our IT/Tech staff augmentation services have made a difference in these industries:

Cloudyn Success Story: From Startup to Microsoft Acquisition

Learn how Commit Offshore contributed to the business growth of Cloudyn by providing 33% of their engineering team offshore.

Bridgewise's Long-Lasting Partnership with Culturally-Fit IT Experts

Discover the secret behind our partnership and how we've successfully engaged IT talents who have been with Bridgewise for over five years.

Uniting Skills: Sodexo’s Winning Collaboration with Commit’s Offshore Team

Explore how we provided Sodexo with front-end developers who complemented their in-house team, driving their project to success.


Overview: The financial technology sector demands security and innovation. Our teams ensure that fintech solutions meet regulatory standards and drive innovation.

How Our Talents Help: 

  • Specialized Fintech support

  • Secure coding practices

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Blockchain solutions

  • Payment systems expertise

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